Monday, January 21, 2013

Fish not biting? Don't be afraid to change

   CADILLAC-Change is something many of us have a difficult time dealing with. We get comfortable with doing the same thing over and over whether it be in the workplace or home life.
   The same is true when ice fishing. We get in the habit of cutting a hole, setting the shack up, getting the heater going, then sitting down for hours of jigging.
   Up and down, up and down the rod goes. Sometimes the jigging method is changed; like a couple of sharp raps or pounding the bottom to stir things up.
   The pro staff at Mark Martin's Ice Fishing Vacation School all said the same thing when asked to talk about their individual experience.
   Don't be afraid to change. If something isn't working in a few minutes then change it up. Try a different lure or color, when possible go top lighter line. Keep changing and moving around, maybe just a few feet, then try it again.
   Don't count on sitting in the shack until you find fish. An when you do, cut a second hole for a dead stick.
   That's a rod with a lure or maybe a piece of bait on the hook lowered down to just a few inches from the bottom. While you are jigging in another hole, this rod or dead stick hangs there.
   When fish come in, usually they will look at the bait that is being jigged then shoot right over to the dead stick and take off with it. You'll may find you'll get more fish on that second rod than the jigging rod.
   Change it up. Go to another color., different lure or move a few feet or a couple of yards and try it again until you find fish.
   Good luck!

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