Friday, January 18, 2013

Losing someone, never easy

   Losing someone close; a family member or a good friend, is never easy. It's especially made all the more difficult when the loss of someone has nothing to do with poor health or otherwise natural causes.
   With long time ice fishing buddy Dan Winsemius from Twin Lakes near Muskegon death wasn't the cause of anything natural. No, this was done intentionally.
   Dan and I hit it off right away after meeting about 10 years ago. We've shared an ice shanty at one of Mark Martin's Ice Fishing Vacation Schools ever since.
   Dan and 10 of his friends were on a motorcycle trip after exiting the ferry in Wisconsin. Somewhere around Fond du Lac,  driver in a car headed the opposite way, swerved into Dan's lane taking out all 10 motorcycles. Dan died at the scene.
   Dan was a careful, experienced motorcycle rider. This was a tragic situation. Far from an accident it is being described as intentional.
   There aren't enough laws, nor punishment for someone who would do something like this. This senseless act was and continues to have far-reaching implications for those who knew Dan and his family.
   My condolences are with the Winsemius family. My column will have more about Dan in this Sunday's Oakland Press.

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