Monday, January 7, 2013

Lake Gogebic-a fishing challenge

   Many anglers coming from downstate have heard what a great fishery Lake Gogebic is. It can be all of that or it can go the other way and make you work for what you get.
   We are in the first day of Mark Martin's Ice Fishing Vacation School. So far the fish are ahead on the scorecard.
   Yesterday afternoon, Sunday, the class sat in a classroom and listened to several anglers discuss their own methods of ice fishing, how they rigged their lines and what lures produced for them.
   But all through these lectures, safety was always stressed. For some reason a couple of people in the group couldn't understand that we all left, fished and returned together. None of this going off on your stuff.
   After Martin interjected some pointed thoughts directed at the people who thought they new better, an understanding was finally met. It came when Martin told them, "If you don't like it then go home. We don't want you here."
   Following the presentations, staff were available the rest of the afternoon, until supper time, to help students rig lines and tie baits on.
   Monday morning following breakfast a line of 4-wheelers and snowmobiles were lined up, chomping at the bit to try out the things they had learned so far.
   With winds reaching 20 mph, anglers were in a hurry to cut holes and get fish shacks up to break the strong winds.
   While there were many bites reported there were that many short fish caught. However a few large perch, some eater size walleye and the occasional northern pike made up the morning catch.
   We'll see what the late afternoon bite has in store.

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