Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions-good idea or not so much?

    The beginning of the new year brings on thoughts of resolutions. The feeling seems to be that with the new year, a new start in life is a good thing.
   Almost like going to confession or observing Lent, many people resolve to give something up they enjoy or begin doing an activity they have been putting off.
   Quitting smoking, losing wight and beginning an exercise program rank near the top of the list people annually mention as resolutions.
   Without a firm commitment, dedication to making a positive change, or a realistic view of what it is you wish to accomplish, you're probably already doomed to fail.
   Gyms are probably full of well intentioned people who sign up with hopes of losing weight and getting in better shape.
   By the time February rolls around the ones that remain will be the same people that have been there well before the new year with the exception of a few hardy souls that stick it out.
   One other factor that can account for success is to surround yourself with people who think similarly to you.
   If you are going to get back to physical activity get in a gym with qualified trainers. Forget treating the gym experience as a way to pick up a new date
   You're there for ulterior motives, namely to improve you health, change lifestyle, and live better allowing you to do more things than you once were.
   Remember, you don't have to wait for New Year's day to make positive changes in your life. Once you decide to make a change commit to it, stay positive and surround yourself with like-thinking people.
   The results will speak for themselves.

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