Wednesday, January 9, 2013

High winds affects tip up action

  Monday morning ice anglers on Lake Gogebic were greeted with 20 mph winds with gusts much higher. On the ice it became difficult to see due to blowing snow.
   Using power augers, holes were rapidly cut for tip ups only to fill in with snow and slush practically refreezing.
   Once tip ups were placed they became difficult to locate due to high winds blowing snow back over them cover flags and all the rest. In fact several flags went up indicating a fish, without anyone knowing as they were covered up.
   Another difficulty for tip up anglers occurred when they lifted the tip up out of the hole. Almost immediately the reel and all the line on it froze solid in a ball making the rig useless until it could be thawed out.
   Tip up tip: In these conditions, if you fish with tip ups as soon as you pull one out of the water immerse it in a minnow bucket that has water in it. The cold water will prevent both reel and line from freezing.

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