Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cadillac-too cold to fish!

   Last week i was ice fishing on Lake Mitchell in Cadillac. The days and nights were extremely cold. With winds blowing at 5-mph the wind chill factor dipped to -25. That's cold.
   So cold that when tip ups were pulled from the ice the line froze solid as a rock within a couple of minutes.
   Fish didn't flop on the ice. Instead, they folded up partially and went into a dormant state until released back into the water.
   I was going to begin this by asking what is the most important piece of equipment an ice fisherman should have but thought better of it with those cold temperatures.
  Those days on the lake probably a good face covering of some sort; balaclava, knitted scarf or some other protection was vital to protect the skin was almost immediate frost bite.
   A portable shack of some kind was required just to break the wind. And as good heater to take some of the cold off was also on that list.
   In past days, I would sit on a bucket fishing out of Bayport or Caseville in weather similar to this. But not anymore. With age has come the need for a bit of comfort.
   By the way, we did see one person sitting outside on a bucket. That is true dedication!

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  1. I too used to sit on the ole bucket while staring at the unmoving bobber or spring bobber. Not anymore.