Thursday, January 10, 2013

Real Magic works like magic

   The next time the zipper on your ice shack freezes up so you can't close the door all the way give it a spray of Real Magic.
   Real Magic is the same stuff anglers use on rod guides to prevent ice forming in the guides. Real Magic has been used for years to keep reels operating smoothly.
   The next use for Real Magic has been to spray it on line to keep it from forming memory. It does not prevent line twist.
   But it will help make those long casts smooth, and waterproofs any kind of line and even flies to make them float better. UV protection is provided making the damage to line minimal extending line life.
   Walleye professional Mark Martin uses the stuff liberally even spraying it in the hole he's fishing from to keep the hole from freezing,
   "I spray it right on the line on my reels," he said. "You should use it on anything with a zipper like boots or shoes or jackets."
   If it's good enough for Martin it's got to be good enough for us amateurs.

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