Friday, March 15, 2013

Evie Boss uses ukele to teach about outdoors

   Evie Boss has nothing against hunting and fishing. In fact, she understand that there is a balance when it comes to nature and these activities have their role in the outdoors.
   Teaching about the environment, biology, and conservation has been her vocation for over 30 years. The now retired science teacher from Metamora is still teaching but in a different way. Her students now are usually younger than the highschoolers she used to teach.
   Pre-schoolers have many of the same questions older children do and according to Boss, many questions are science-related. Why is the sky blue, where do frogs go in the winter and many other questions are some of the things Boss is asked on a regular basis.
   Often she'll answer with a song she has written, playing it on he uke and singing in her beautiful voice.
   Recently she has been called on to train or in-service teachers on how to play the uke develop songs that are topic related, and present programs to young children.
   With the help of her puppets, songs, and props such as birds nests, Boss brings the wonder of the outdoors into the classroom.
   Another passion of hers is Gilda's Club where she helps run the ukulele program, teaches the uke, and supervises a coffee house a couple of times a month featuring stringed entertainment.
   In her spare time, she maintains the gardens at Gilda's and does whatever else she can to be of service.
   Boss knows of what she speaks. A 17 year breast cancer survivor and a 7 year thyroid cancer survivor, she knows the importance of the programs Gilda's Club offers.
   One of her favorite sayings is, "you can uke too," meaning you too can play the uke in a very short time.
   If playing a musical instrument, especially one with strings interests you but you gave up when guitar strings hurt your fingers you might want to try a uke.
   Strings are softer, chords much easier, and you can play songs with one or two chords while strumming.
   What could be easier? For more information on Evie Boss and the wonderful contributions she makes to life and society visit For more information about Gilda's Club call (248) 577-0800. 
   In no time, you'll be able to "uke too."

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  1. Also, if you haven't had a chance to hear Evie's songwriting or her American Flute playing, you're in for a treat!

    Evie hosts an open mic at Gildas in Royal Oak on the first Tuesday of every month from 6-7, then from 7-8 a special guest performs.