Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More signs of spring? Pay attention to trash pickup days

   That's right, those days when trash haulers cruise by to pick up yours and others discards. Garbage, recyclables-paper, cans, bottles-and those things you don't need or use up week to week.
  The way you can tell it's spring by the trash put outside is the amount and kinds of things that are being discarded.
   Amounts pick up because people are going through their basements, attics, and garages, attempting to  clear out those things that are no longer used.
   Come on. We all have them. I've got a bunch of miscellaneous fishing gear that I haven't used in years. It won't go to the trash but will end up in some kids possession who would like to fish but hasn't any means to get the equipment.
   That old child's crib. The one where the sides can be raised up and down. It's no longer of any use because all of your kids are grown, and maybe you don't have any grandchildren.
   And don't forget, the government has told you these beds are not safe for little ones because the side that moves can accidentally come down, hurting a child.
   And so the list grows. Some items like clothes and furniture are best donated to the Salvation Army, Purple Heart or some other worthwhile organization.
   Still, that trash grows out there by the curb. Everything that has been swept up is put into those large garbage bags for disposal. More of those appear this time of the due to a phenomenon we know as spring cleaning.
   So keep an eye on increasing amounts of trash but look for those robins and the buds on trees to begin to swell.
   With warmer weather predicted, we just might be out of the woods soon.

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