Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Other signs of spring

   Today I noticed fencing up and secure in the local Kmart parking lot indicating that plants, trees and shrubs would soon be filling up the empty space.
   Already stacked and waiting to be loaded in someone with a green thumb's vehicle are pallets of fertilizer, peat, decorative mulch and sand for the kids sandbox.
   Another sure sign that spring can't be too far off is all of the accumulated trash alongside highways, streets and the freeway.
   Snow acts as a cover for this mess but once the thaw begins, trash in all manner raises its head. Each year there seems to be more of it too.
   Some say, let county prisoners out but supervised, to pick this stuff up. Granted, instead of lifting weights or watching TV, these people could be put to better use. But picking up roadside trash shouldn't be on the list.
   We're all responsible and should take better care of how we dispose of our discards. Driving down the road and giving an empty bag full of food wrappers from your favorite fast food  restaurant, the toss out of an open window isn't acceptable.
   How about we all carry it home and dispose of it in our own refuse containers? Makes better sense and in the long run will save us money for another service we don't need.

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