Friday, March 1, 2013

Volunteering a new catch word in the outdoors

   You've no doubt heard all of the dire predictions about everything from seaports to national parks closing due to a lack of funding.
   Volunteering at a national, state, county or municipal park isn't something new. But it's something that is needed and involves more than pulling weeds and picking up trash.
  Volunteers might be assisting full-time staff by providing assistance in campgrounds to make finding a campsite, setting up and learning about the general area and the programs available, to campers, both seasoned and beginners.
   In many instances, trails aren't cleared of blow downs, encroaching vines, washed out trails and other things detrimental to a good trail system-markers are one such example-that volunteers can have a hand in and make a difference.
   Read more about it in Sunday's sport section of the Oakland Press. Learn what you can do to help out and where to go for more information.
   It's volunteering that in many instances, might just help in keeping these facilities open.

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