Friday, March 22, 2013

Mt. Brighton-getting ready to ski

   That's right, Mt. Brighton is winding up instead of winding down as many ski resorts have already begun to do.
   That's because the Vail Corporation out in Colorado has bought Mt. Brighton along with Afton ski resort in Minnesota and is planning some seriously expensive improvements to the slopes in both locations.
   Both resorts will get upgrades and improvements amounting to $10 million each. That's a whole bunch of lift tickets not to mention ski rentals.
  At Mt. Brighton a quad chair lift and improved snowmaking will head the list. New snow making equipment will make it possible to begin the ski season earlier and extend it on the other end.
   Other improvements won't be immediately visible but for skiers-average and expert-new lift tickets in the form of a card will be able to track the days skiing via a chip inserted in the card that will upload so the skier can share stories of the day on individual social networks.
   If you think winter is over, the folks working at Mt. Brighton might have another thought. They're getting in high gear in anticipation of opening later this year.
   For more information on Vail and other resorts including Mt. Brighton along with seasonal passes good for out west as well as here visit

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