Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scales and Tales decals? Find em' at KD Outdoors

   On Monday I wrote that Waterford artist Bill McElroy's popular cartoons, Scales and Tales, were available on a website.
   Later I spoke with Mac. He told me he had discontinued association with that site and is in the process of launching a brand new web site for his products.
   In the meantime, you can purchase Scales and Tales decals at KD Outdoors on M-59 in Waterford. If you've never seen these creatures McElroy draws, you're in for a treat.
   Not only does he draw funny looking bass, but he'll add a toothy critter like a muskie or walleye to the mix.
   Nothing is spared from catfish to bluegills and more. Nor is any bait off limits. Gulp, Power Baits, cranks and spinnerbaits are just some of the things that find their way into McElroy's fertile mind only to be released as special characters in one of his cartoons.
   If you don't own any, better get yours now so you'll have one or more before launch day.

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