Monday, March 18, 2013

"Tween"-good name for current weather

   "Tween" or "tweener"is sometimes used as slang to describe the current weather we've been having. Short for between, it's tween this or that.
   In other words, it isn't really great for any sort of outdoor sports save hiking. And that can get nasty with the muck caused by melting snow and ice.
   The cure for the tween seasons is to find something to do that will put you in the game once the ice clears making the lakes ice-free.
   Each year it's the same ritual for me. I begin by looking over my tackle, trying to remember what I used last year and what stuff stayed in the bag.
   For instance, already this year I've decided to make do with a small bag containing 4, Plano, 3650 tackle trays.
   I've already marked them with some of Bill McElroy's decals. One has a bass, another a bluegill and a third has a musky. The decals fit nicely on the top cover.
   The bluegill box will contain small baits for crappie too. The musky box will have walleye baits. The one remaining box will be labels "terminal tackle" for weights, hooks, swivels, snaps and so forth.
   Standing on end, I won't be able to see the individual labels until I take the box out of the bag. Therefore I'll make labels for each box, placing them on the latch end of the box so I'm looking right at them when I open the bag.
      I've got a small, zippered bag or binder  that holds pre-punched plastic bags for Gulp and other plastics. I can even use the bag the baits come in by punching a couple of holes near one edge and inserting them into the binder.
   The rest of the tackle; the things you carry just in cast, will find a place in a Plano 3700. These are larger trays great for storage. (The 3700's are good for carrying tackle in a larger bag. Anglers with boats leave them on board in a tackle compartment.)
   Think I'm pretty organized? Sounds like it, but I've got a long way to go. That's why I welcome the tweener season.

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