Monday, September 16, 2013

Air travel to Uk a full experience

We left Saturday from Flint for Manchester, England via Atlanta. In you've never been through Atlanta-Hartsfield airport, you're in for a treat. They say it's the largest airport in the world. I believe them. Often, you must take a train to the next gate on to realize once you get there the flight has been changed to another part of the terminal.
Our transfer went without a hitch. Our plane was on trim, getting off the ground about 10 minutes early and arriving in the UK one half hour ahead of schedule.
The only problem was it was completely sold out. That put us in the middle tow seats of a back row with someone on either side of us.
But everything worked out really well despite the number of people aboard. I mention this not so much as it relates to the outdoors world, unless you are travelling on safari, but the ability of this huge airplanes with a large load of luggage and people to get airborne.
It amazes me every time we fly. Total flight time even with transfers was about 10 hours. The downside is the change in time zones that confuses normal sleep patters.
Our grandchildren will make sure that changes in a hurry. Now, it's time to become re-acclimated with the country and customs.
But I will never get used to driving on the opposite side of the road. That's one American trait we miss.

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