Thursday, September 19, 2013

In nature, if we don't recognize it, sometimes we kill it

That's the word from DNR fishories biologist Jim Francis. His comment came due to a call I made to him concerning bowfin fish and whether they were prevelant in Michigan waters.
"Bowfins are dog fish," Francis said. "We get several calls from people who think they have caught snakeheads, but in reality they are bowfins."
Like most creatures of nature, bowfins or dog fish have a place in our ecology system. They help keep lakes healthy by eating smaller fish therefore providing better fisheries for larger fish.
"The important thing is to return a bowfin back into the water as soon as possible," Francis advises. Not  a fish that will hit a lure, they are often foul hooked, but will chase baits near nests and fry.
Read more about bowfins in this Sunday's column in The Oakland Press.

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