Monday, September 9, 2013

Salmon are running and willing to fight

That's the report I've been getting from members of Kayak Fish The Great Lakes (KFGL). For the past several years the group has gathered around Glen Arbor on Lake Michigan to fish for salmon from kayaks.
Salmon have been schooling in  Michigan prior to heading up the various streams to spawn. The salmon being caught now aren't being snagged. Rather they are hitting on lures usually trolled.
"They prefer natural looking baits; something chrome-colored," Chris LeMessurier said. "Thundersticks, Hot N' Tots and any crankbait that will go deep seems to work."
Paul Biediger landed a fresh salmon on an evening of fishing." Today I got into one I couldn't get into the net. I accidentally knocked him off trying to net him," he said.
Kayak fishing isn't for beginners. Actually, fishing from a kayak should be done on any water with someone experienced.
The Great Lakes offer their own peculiarities, with weather probably being the biggest factor. When weather reports are iffy, it's best to stay on the beach where your safe and dry.
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Paul Biediger with a Lake Michigan salmon.

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