Friday, September 6, 2013

Hunter safe-be safe not sorry

Even if you have hunted previously, it won't hurt to take a hunter safety course. If you were born after Jan., 1 1960 the law requires you to take the course and pass.
I took one several years ago even though I was hunting just about all seasons. I was able to learn some new techniques to help make me safe.
Those included hunting from tree stands with a harness rather than a safety belt. Another was the manner in which to raise or lower guns and bows to the tree stand.  be sure guns are unloaded and in the safe position.
Bows and arrows are a different matter. Arrows should be cased so broadheads are covered completely.
Another lesson many of us don't practice is to let someone know where we will be hunting and when we plan on returning.
Hunting season isn't the time to cut corners or take chances. Forget shooting at noises or moving shadows. Know your target and better yet, know what is beyond it.

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