Thursday, September 26, 2013

Walking paths-a part of British heritage.

Just about anywhere you go around the UK you'll notice green and white signs that announce footpaths. Many seem to go through peoples yards but on closer inspection these narrow walkways border private property on either side.
To ensure privacy, many homeowners will erect wooden fences to keep foot traffic from becoming too nosey.
Still, over hundreds of years, these dedicated footpaths are still open to the public and are used often. In fact, may areas of the UK have walking clubs where members will meet at the beginning of a hike, then wind up usually in a coffee shop or pub depending on the area of the walk.
Some walks include maps showing camping facilities, places to replenish food, etc., or where to find a comfortable B & B for the night.
Brits are walkers whether its just for a turn around the neighborhood or a walk through farmers fields. Yes, these too have dedicated walkways. If there is livestock in the field you walk, there is a sign that kindly reminds you to close and latch the gate.
If there is no gate and fields are separated by field stone, a small ladder will be erected from one side to the opposite.
Walking paths in the UK are handy. Some practically right outside your door or just down the street. Whether they go through fields or adjacent yards, you're most always met with the common Yorkshire greeting, "Hi ya," or "You all right?"

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