Friday, August 13, 2010

Asian CarpAsian ally planted?nintentio

That's what I have been hearing from circles. That these Asian carp have been intentionally introduced to the Great Lakes.
Some think fishermen actually caught them below the electronic barriers, brought them to Lake Michigan waters and released them.
Still others claim that the DNRE is behind this and have been secretly introducing these predators for a long time.
Finally, there is a lot of talk that the carp have been in Michigan waters for years and are now only being made public.
Any of these suggestions are preposterous. First, i suppose some clown of a fisherman could have dropped some into Lake Michigan, but to what end? It certainly isn't funny.
Next, why would the DNRE intentionally introduce a species that they have little knowledge of and know iiffict's to control?
Finally, if these fish had been here for years, it would seem they would have turned up on the end of hooks or in nets. No one has brought forth any evidence suggesting this.
Lets not cry wolf right out of the box. Get your facts straight and your ducks lined up before spouting off, free speech or not.

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  1. I used to catch and spear carp with my son. We would smoke the filets with hickory and they were quite tasty cause when I took them into work they disappeared quickly. There should be more of a market for them but that gone. YOu used to be able to buy them at the fish market inside A&P but now that is no more too.