Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cross the Straits into another world

It sure seems that way. Once you pay the Mack Bridge toll and head a little north then west; in my case to the Keweenaw, it's like you are in another world. Yoopers would like you to believe that although they are still a part of Michigan.
Those of us downstate probably don't get the chance as often as we would like to spend time just about anywhere in the U.P.
Not the large towns but some of the smaller ones and the areas adjacent to them offer some really great getaways if you can do without frills.
Without recommending specific trips, take just about any two-lane highway and go for a ride. Chance are you'll come to a state rec area or some other facility open to the public.
If you have a canoe or kayak, you're surprises will double . Take the time to stop at several of the those signs that direct you to public access points and launches.
Many of these small lakes go unused throughout the year. There's a good chance you'll have one practically to yourself.
Granted, many of these state forest campgrounds and others are very rustic. Spend a few days in one, then change it up for a state park with showers and you'll be good for another couple of days.
Travel safe and stay surprised.

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  1. This is the real Michigan that we grew up with. It is where we can come to equal terms with nature and leave the silly cell phone alone or even turned off. You would be surprised at how much stress this simple vacation in the rustic Michigan leaves you.