Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall and it's activities are coming

I'm not trying to rush the seasons but when I see press releases for fall hayrides and pumpkin selecting, it gets one wondering.
Already, some trees are beginning to color up. Others have begun to lose leaves. We used to have tomatoes ripening in the garden into October. This year it looks as though they will be finished in September.
Stores are advertising specials to have bows gone over, tuned up, and otherwise set in shape for the upcoming whitetail season.
Small game hunters are getting ammo sorted, guns cleaned and boots oiled all in preparation for that first hunt.
Once those bows are put into hunting shape take some advice and start shooting. Try and shoot a few arrows each day.
It's not only good for target accuracy, but you'll be surprised at the muscle you've lost since last year. Shooting only helps bring that muscle memory back and over time, will work the soreness you are bound to experience out as you use them.
But don't let the coming of fall fool you. There are plenty of days left with warm sunshine, and bug less outings once that first frost hits.
Plan activities for the outdoors and enjoy them. In no time at all, we'll be reaching for the heaving clothing to fight off those cold, north winds.
Then comes ice fishing and cross country skiing along with late season whitetail and muzzleloading hunts.
See, the outdoors calendar always has something going on, hot, cold, wind or rain. Enjoy all of the seasons.

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