Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stealing is never right

It doesn't take much to steal from old folks. In most cases what are they going to? Usually too old or weak to put up much resistance, they often become targets just by being older.
The incident involving the 89-year-old Davisburg resident who collects errant golfballs hit in his yard next to Springfield Oaks is more than a sign of the times.
Who would take some golf balls and a little loose money? Not someone in desperate need looking for a way to feed a family or pay bills.
If that was the need, stealing golf balls out of a homemade cart alongside the road isn't going to get you one month more on the mortgage or a sack of groceries.
No, this was a spit theft. Something done more because it was there than what it would bring. Like most things, there has been some good that has come from this.
People have been dropping golf balls off and expressing concern. I dropped a bag of balls off a couple days back and was glad to see humor and enthusiasm from the golf ball victim.
As my late grandmother would have said, "Shame on you." That does double.

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