Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hunting season already?

While the hunting seasons are still a bit in the future, now is a good time to begin to take stock of equipment.
Simple tasks like running a patch down a barrel, wiping barrels, actions, and other metal parts with a lightly oiled rag, and checking that ammunition you've had stored since last year are some of the things you could start with.
Bow hunters should be shooting at a bale or McKenzie if they have one. Keep the range short; from 15-20 yards is fine.
When you are in the woods shooting for real, do yourself and the deer a big favor and don't take those shots beyond 25 yards. Shots taken at these longer distances usually miss. Those that don't aren't well placed meaning a wounded animal that wanders off to die, or one that carries an arrow in it for a long time.
If you haven't shot your bow in a long time, take it to an expert and have it gone over. It may need to be tuned or timed.
Be sure your arrows are straight, and have all the fletch intact. Look the broadheads over to be sure they are sharp and ready to go.
Are your sights set for the range you intend to shoot? Now is a good time to begin to make those adjustments.
Finally, you should be in the field doing your annual scouting. If you are hunting a new area, get familiar with it before Oct. 1 rolls around.
There's always something to do when it comes to being prepared for those great fall hunting seasons.

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