Monday, August 2, 2010

Those good old days may be coming back

When you think about how our society is going these days what with inflation and job loss, you begin to wonder if we aren't headed back to what some of my generation term the good old days.

I see it more these days with things like home gardening, composting and a renewed interest in preserving food we grow. Those canning jars we let go of years ago might come in handy in today's times.
Look at all the ads for "green" this and that. There was a program on cable the other night showing how to compost at home, then moved on to commercial compost operations.
Recycling, something that was last seen seriously during the second world war is more popular than ever. And a good thing as well.
We used to work on our own cars and keep them longer. The trend had been to take them to mechanics for work and get a new one every couple of years.
Mostly the auto companies forced those shade tree mechanics out of business when they went to all of the computerized workings.
Now people are beginning to change their own oil, do their own lubes and other work they can still get at without having to disarmthe entire vehicle.
And as far as longevity goes, at least in our household, we continue to hang onto our transportation long after most people would have moved up.
Yes, this year was spent in the garden but not with great effort. But there is always next year.

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  1. There is always metal detecting as a hobby also. It is a hobby that returns extra coins that were lost and fun along the way. You never know what you'll fine in the dirt. Some call it "Dirt Fishing." You don't need to travel far or do it by yourself as the whole family can get involved.