Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kayak fundaments-very important

Thursday's column is about grandson Josh's first kayak fishing experience. I can't help but thinking, for these first-time, introductions to new activities, it goes without saying that fundamentals are key.
Then again, too much information on a subject at one time can leave the intended newcomer confused.
Having said that, there are different ways of sitting and was to move that stabilize both you and the boat.
While some of these things are for comfort, they are also meant as a means to be safe whether that means an informational overload or not.
In any event, kayaking is fun and safe when done in a proper manner. To learn what's proper take a lesson or at the least get out with someone who has some experience. Take in the good points and forget those that leave off those finer points that could save your life.

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  1. I always enjoyed my floats with my solo canoe as I could keep contentes dry and I felt safer. Now that I can't hardly get in or out it just hangs in the garage waiting for my grandson to get older.