Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ease the pinch on your wallet and fish this way

This week's column deals with a good way not only to get out and fish, but to do so relatively inexpensively.
An added bonus is the relaxation that comes from this type of fishing along with the friends you could make.
We're talking pier or bank fishing. No need for an expensive boat, color graphs or GPS systems that pinpoint your location anywhere in he world.
By using a lot of things you have around home or buried in the garage, a trip to the river bank or a pond can be done without a lot of cost and still be enjoyable.
Put your creative cap on and think about things you could use to make fishing easier and more comfortable for you.
Pier carts are one such thing. Many are homemade. Some are built using discarded baby carriages while others use an old child's wagon.
Rod holders are another item that can be homemade and built to fit the railings found where you fish. These things are all different. Some use small clamps while others take a larger style.
Next, when you do get out, pay attention to what others bring along. If you see something that seems interesting ask about it.
One thing about these stationary anglers. They are usually eager to share information. After all, there are no secret spots. You all are fishing from the same bank in the same water.
It's just a question as to who will attract fish and how. If you see someone having success ask them what they are using.
You'll see the bait or set up when they haul the rig in to land a fish or reset their presentation. Pier and bank anglers are some of the most friendly and accommodating.
Get your bucket and a rod, some tackle and a snack. Put it all together then get out and enjoy a few hours waiting for the fish to hit. Good luck!

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