Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to back Bassmaster Classic wins; another first for Kalamzazoo's Kevin VanDam

   Bookies will tell you that there is nothing such as a sure thing other than trotting out the time worn adage of death and taxes
   That is until Kalamazoo, Michigan native and resident Kevin VanDam came on the bass fishing scene. A northerner, the odds have been stacked against VanDam in a sport where the good old southern boys always seemed to have a lock on fishing.
   That's probably due to a longer season, warmer weather that allows fish to grow larger, and that many tournament anglers hail from the south.
   VanDam doesn't seem to have let any of that affect his performance from the first time he stepped into a bass boat competitively right up to Sunday's win the the Bassmaster Classic held on the Louisana Delta.
   The world's best fisherman not only added back to back Classic wins-accomplished only once before by Rick Clunn-VanDam's Classic winnings of $500,000 put him over the $5 million mark in earnings, not to mention holding Angler of the Year the same year he won the Classic.
   What's left for VanDam to accomplish? School is still out on that question.

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