Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter storm-Stay warm!

Weather predictions were close for this last storm. Lines at gas stations and grocery stores were long on Tuesday. You would think someone was giving something away the way people are lining up with empty gas cans, new snow shovels or finally taking the plunge and investing in a snow blower.
   The best advice in these situations is to stay put and see what the weather brings. Remaining off the road allows for better, quicker, more efficient snow removal.
   Staying warm may be a priority especially if you lose power. It's a good idea to have flashlights close by so you know where to find them.
   Be sure you have blankets, warm clothing and even know where sleeping bags are in the event there's a need.
   Now is the time to get your first aid kit out, keeping it handy just in case. If you have bottled water be sure it's out of the cold so it doesn't freeze.
   Should you need to light a fire a FireSteel 2.0 Scout from Light My Fire is a good, compact, and full-proof way to get some spark going.
   It's a small flint and steel held together with a substantial cord so you won't lose one or the other pieces. It will provide sparking to start a camp stove, or a campfire provided you have some dry tinder or other small, fire starting material.
   Right now the FireSteel 2.0 is available through It may be too late for this storm but consider having several around for future emergencies.
   Keep one in the house emergency kit, another in your tackle box or boat, and perhaps one in the pack you use for hunting. Stay warm!

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  1. Good advice about the fire starting. While not a survival junkie myself, I carry a Leatherman Wave everywhere I go and a Swiss Army knife in every coat pocket.