Friday, February 11, 2011

"Ice Fishing-The Ultimate Guide"-great reading over the winter.

This 214 page book published by Heliconia Press (888-582-2001) not only makes for interesting reading, its very educational for hardwater anglers.
   Thumb through a copy and you'll be amazed at the color photography that illustrates topics such as gear, clothing, and even different species of fish. There can be no doubt whether that's a whitefish or an eelpout you just pulled up through the hole.
   Ontario, Canada outdoor writer Tim Allard wrote and provided the photos that go into making this a worthy book for your shelf.
   Books dealing with ice fishing; good books, are too few. I only have a couple. One I used to refer to for years.
   Now, Allard's "Ice Fishing-The Ultimate Guide" has moved into the number one position on my reference shelf.
   You old timers who have been punching holes in the ice since well before power augers became popular will benefit from a read of this book. And obviously so will the newcomers.
   Besides informative and educational, it's written in easy-to-understand language, making it entertaining reading material when you come off the ice and settle down into your favorite chair.
   Read more about "Ice Fishing-The Ultimate Guide" in Sunday's Oakland Press.

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