Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow got you down? Head for Outdoorama and take the chill off!

It's sure to be warmer at Outdoorama this weekend. That's because of all the people who attend will be generating good old body heat.
   As I've written before in this space, there is plenty for the entire family to enjoy. And once you tire of walking through all of the displays, take a seat. There is plenty of seating adjacent to refreshment stands.
   But it's the show that you have no doubt come to take in. With small children, be sure and get them around to see things that would be of interest to them.
   Many of the wildlife exhibits do just that. The older generation gets a kick out of seeing these animals and learning about them too.
   Spread your time out with visits to outfitters and equipment retailers. Nothing lights up the eyes of a youngster when he or she is involved with the purchase of a rod and reel combo or sees pictures of the trip you are planning for warmer months.
   And don't forget to take a breather and learn something at one of the many seminars offered with your admission.
   If I were you, I would take a small shoulder bag or pack to put all the promotional material in you are going to receive.
   If nothing else, it makes for good reading and lets the imagination run wild with those trips we often dream about.
   Enjoy the show!

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