Friday, February 18, 2011

Todays -Campers; all the comforts of home and then some

   The current RV and Camper show in Novi's Suburban Collection Showplace (Formerly Rock Financial Showplace) is all about big. Make that huge.
   Motorhomes and fifth wheel trailers seem to have taken center stage. While there are travel trailers, and a few pop-ups, along with some customized vans, everything seems to be made for all the comforts and at hefty pricing.
   There are some nice deals on small, introductory pop-ups and a couple of smaller travel trailers. While motorhomes are offered at special pricing, $400,000 is still a lot.
   We looked at coaches with solid wood interiors. Trim was all wood, cabinets and drawers were cherry covered.
   Bathrooms; large enough to stand in the showers, seemed to be the trend. A couple had electric fireplaces good enough to heat part of the unit.
   One sported a plasma TV. At the push of a button, it lowered into a cabinet allowing a clear view through the large window behind it, in the event you park in a scenic area.
   Microwaves are as common as are queen-sized beds, allowing access on either side rather than being shoved up against a wall.
   Some closets are cedar and walk-in and may have a chair or stool inside for one to sit on while putting footwear on.
   Slideouts are as common as the mosquitoes you won't have to contend with as you sit at your dining table for dinner.
   All you need is the money and a few personal items to set you up. In no time at all, you too can be off and down the road driving your home on wheels.

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  1. When my son was young we went to the Camper & RV show when they were at the Silver Dome. We were amazed at the comfort the trailers had while we camped out of our car. On checking out one trailer's bathroom we opened the door on a child sitting on the toilet. We left in a hurry.