Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Something for all ages at Outdoorama

Outdoorama has come a long way since it's beginnings at the State Fair Grounds. I used to attend with the late Bill Baker. We booked out first (and only) week-long Canadian fishing trip one year. In those days, outfitters were in the main part of the building. Equipment booths were located in the rear, making it a large show.
   Today's version is also quite large complete with outfitters not only from Canada, but places out west and right here in Michigan.
   The differences in the two time periods probably has more to do with the environment message and things for children to do.
   One year, a company was promoting how to properly recycle any battery. The interesting parts were what a battery does to environment; none of which is exactly complimentary, and how much of a battery can be re-used. The answer is just about all of it. Since then, I go to great pains to find sources I can properly dispose of all those triple and double A's along with the rest of them.
   Children will love the animal exhibits as well as hearing experts talk about the various species they have brought to the show.
   Yes, those outfitters and the booths with new equipment will be there. And so will on air personalities Jenny Olsen and Jimmy Gretzinger.
   But if you bring children, be sure and show them the exhibits they will mostly appreciate. There is even some fly tying for kids and a pellet range allowing them to shoot safely. Happy show-going.
Outdoorama runs this Thursday-Sunday at Novi's Suburban Collection Showplace. For more information visit

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