Monday, February 28, 2011

VanDam wins fourth Classic-Breaks $5 million in total earnings

Call him the Kalamazoo Kid, KVD, world class fisherman, or anything else you choose. Just remember that Kevin VanDam, Kalamazoo, Michigan's own, is the best fisherman we'll probably ever see in a long time.
   Last weekend, VanDam nailed his 3rd Angler of the Year in a row and sixth total, along with back to back Classic and AOY wins. He has a total of four Classic wins.
   He owns or is a part of nearly every bass fishing record including most top 10 finishes, smallest winning catch, most Classic appearances, and cumulative weight for a Classic career.
   From here on, VanDam writes the record books. People wonder if he's done fishing competitively. Not by a long shot. As long as there are bass tournaments, Kevin VanDam will be a part of them, competing as only he knows how. All out to win.
   Like a champion in other sports, VanDam is gifted. But he works hard at fishing constantly trying new things, tweaking here, adjusting there in an all out effort to take out any possible chance of error by controlling what he has the power to control.
   And in the end, it boils down to experience, equipment, and what he has going between his ears that makes him a winner.
  Get a copy of his newest book, "Kevin VanDam's Bass Strategies-Revised Edition, Hot new Tips," and read it. Really read it. If you do, you'll learn more about what he ties on when it's windy.
   You'll begin to get the insight as to what a champion is and how he thinks. Congratulations Kevin, and happy reading to all of you.

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