Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keep it dry! New stuff to protect your gadgets

   Dry Dock-not the kind ships go in for extensive overhauls and bottom painting-rather the name of a company that is marketing the DiGi02 waterproof case.
   Designed specifically to hold cell phones while on the water, hiking, back packing, riding a bicycle or doing anything else that may involve the elements, the sleek, see-through case will even hold those I-Phones so popular these days.
   Our electronic gear keeps us connected and entertained, but there are many times when we cannot bring our favorite gadget with us for fear that if we do it may never power up again. Seattle Sports, a leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality outdoor gear, has created a solution – DryDocs, a line of waterproof cases for cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, laptop computers, e-readers, iPads, important documents and more.

  Designed to keep moisture and sand out, Dry Docs cases allow you to use your phone or other device while it's protected.
A sturdy safety lanyard along with a Velcro strap ensure that you won't loose your device because it fell out of the boat, or backpack.h
   Available in a variety of sizes to fit an assortment of electronic devices, cases are made from thick, eco-friendly PVC-Free film. They are both puncture and slash proof.
   As I get ready for spring and launch day for my fishing kayak, for the moment, my case will go into the box I use to transport my gear to the launch.
   I'll figure out where I want to attach it probably once I get into the boat. Right now I'm thinking the logical spot would be attached to my crate/storage area right behind the seat.
   You don't need to be on-the-water to own a DryDoc case. Any outdoors activity you participate in where you carry a cell phone to stay connected is worthy of this kind of protection.
   So geo-cache, hike, or photograph till your heart's content. And be assured your cell phone will remain securely with you and be high and dry.
DryDoc DiGi 02 case with lanyard

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