Friday, April 22, 2011

Bad weather shortens AIM walleye tournament

WINNECONNE,WIS-Day one of the first walleye tournament of the year was cancelled due to bad weather.
   But day two got off following the National Anthem, right on time. Whether a days delay made any difference or not remains to be seen.
   But Twin Lakes resident Mark Martin, the Original PWT walleye champ came in with the lead. He seemed confident at the mandatory anglers meeting the day before the tournament.
   "I've found fish and know what they are biting on. I think they'll be there tomorrow," he said. Normally a little more outgoing about his fishing plans, he seemed a bit secretive about this tournament.
   Practice days found him several hours away fishing in the river and back marshes of the huge Winnebago system.
   Because no wake restrictions were put on most of the water due to high water levels, it would take pros 4 hours to reach the river to fish. They would have to turn around and head back to be in time for the weigh-in.
   To catch the action live, visit for real time weigh in action.

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