Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Walleye tournaments go on, rain or shine

   WINNECONNE, WIS-Boats were on the water until noon Tuesday then all tournament waters were closed until today, the first day of AIM's Pro Walleye Series.
   Listening to anglers when they came off the water the past few days, fishing was aptly named. They definitely aren't jumping in the boat.
   Pros on the water 8, 10, 12 hours daily are reporting zero catches. Not even strikes or "bumps" are  being felt.
   The water remains high, runs fast, and is very stained. Weather predictions are calling for high winds, four inches of snow, along with hard, heavy rains.
   Veterans of walleye tournament fishing call these conditions typical for early walleye tournaments. To help ward off the cold, anglers are dressed in every bit of clothing they own.
   Ice fishing clothes layered with heavy hunting paraphernalia, two or three hats, mittens or gloves, and heavy, insulated boots are standard wear. And that's for use when temperatures climb into the low 40's!
   Seriously, when the wind seems to lay down on shore, you can bet not far off shore it's blowing enough to cut through you.
   Instead of sunburn, anglers who are staying on the water for any length of time arrive back at the launch with faces red from wind burn.
   Those thinking of professional fishing as a career should come out and try one of these early tournaments and fish as a co-angler.
   It's a cheap education; just $250 per tournament. And you are in the drawing for day three. You'll know by the first day if tournament fishing is the lifestyle for you.
   Remember, regardless of the weather in your driveway, pack the warm stuff. More times than not, it will come in handy. NOTE: The tournament was cancelled about 6a.m. this morning due to high winds causing power outages and seven inches of snow.

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