Monday, April 11, 2011

Closing some state forest campgrounds-Money saver?

   Last week the DNR reported they were in the process of closing 23 State Forest Campgrounds around the state.
   The selection process to close these campgrounds came about largely from the lack of or low use by the camping public.
   Seems the DNR feels campers these days want creature comforts to run their motorhomes, travel trailers and other campers.
   Apparently some people can't leave home without air conditioning, television, computer access and a way to charge all of the hand-held toys they bring along.
   Even the kitchen has changed with the advent of microwaves, coffee makers, hot water tanks and dishwashers.
   Campers used to wash dishes by boiling water to use for washing, then another tub of hot water for the rinse. Microwaves weren't thought of, and coffee was boiled on a Coleman stove or over the campfire.
   The point in closing of any state forest campgrounds could have an affect on the population that can't afford these modern motorhomes or trailers. They are still using tents, and sleeping on cots or directly on the ground.
   There is a segment that doesn't wish to camp with all of the conveniences of home. That's where the term "
roughing it" comes from.
   You camp in areas such as this to get away from noise, other people, and that cell phone and computer. More and more of us are trying to get back to the basics and be closer to nature.
   Frankly, I don't think the savings is going to be all that great if these 23 campgrounds are closed. After all, there doesn't seem to be a lot that a full-time staff would be charged with doing.
   Septics need periodic pumping, wells attended to, garbage collected, and trees and limbs removed from roadways. After that, the grounds kind of take care of themselves what with self registration.
   These days, when we are all trying to save a buck, it seems as though these kinds of campgrounds could make a difference for a family trying to take a vacation for a few days or a week, knowing camping fees will not break the already strained budget.
   Stay tuned as they say.

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