Monday, April 18, 2011

Snow, wind, typical walleye tournament weather

   WINNECONNE, WIS.-The drive north on I-75 this past weekend was thrilling because of blizzard-like conditions along the way.
   High winds; 40-45 m.p.h., blinding snow, icy roads and lots of traffic made for an exciting ride. Cars off the road and into ditches were spotted frequently.
   The Mackinac Bridge Authority had imposed a speed limit along with leading convoys of vehicles across its expanse due to high winds.
   Thankfully, U.S. 2, toward Escanaba, was dry. Traffic moved along nicely all the way to the Bays de Noc area.
   In Wisconsin, there was no sign of snow. The sun was out but the wind was blowing. Arriving in Winneconne, the site for AIM's first walleye tournament of the year, temperatures turned as cold as fingers on the hands of anglers who had been on the water to pre-fish during the day.
   Fishing reports were about the same: no fish. The water remains dirty and high, with lots of current. If fish have spawned; and there is much debate as to whether that has happened or not, they will be scattered over this large system.

Twin Lake, Mich pro angler Mark Martin with Winnebago System fresh caught walleye. By Beukema
   If not, they have lockjaw. In any event, it's being blamed on the weather. And predictions for Wednesday, the first day of the tournament, aren't very good, calling for high winds, heavy rain and snow.   Welcome to the wonderful, exciting, and challenging world of the professional walleye fisherman.

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