Monday, April 4, 2011

Get your house, make that yard, in order

The last several days were spent cleaning up the yard and flower beds. All of the leaves, broken branches and twigs that had found their way into the yard were rakes, bagged, and set near the compost pile to be added soon.
   A new pit was dug, leveled and shaped for frequent campfires we enjoy in the evening. Sides made of field stone found on the property will be added in a day or two.
   Next is the garage and the contents contained to be hoed out, organized and put away. Some is slated for a spring garage sale.
   Other things go to the kids while other odds and ends will be given away or saved, stored in plastic boxes with labels for use another time.
   The reason for all of this activity is brought on by the warm weather we have been having and the knowledge that outdoor activities will definitely interfere with those tasks deemed necessary around the house.
   So, get em' done now before it gets really nice and you have to say no to that fly fishing trip or turkey hunt the guys are going on.
   Be as ready as you can be for the eventualities that await!

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