Monday, April 25, 2011

Trout opener-a few days away

   This coming Saturday is the date for the yearly statewide trout opener. Some think fly fishing is for a select group.
  That's not accurate. There are m,any of us who enjoy fishing those buggy whip, long rods and a chance to fool a trout.
   Like anything else, we get older, drop out or physical limitations prohibit us from participating. Then there are those we lose each year.
   We remember them during a quiet time over an evening dinner when someone pipes up and says, "Lets take a moment to remember Fred Roeser and Mike Caparon." Followed is a brief silence, then someone may add, "lets remember the others who are no long with us too."
   And so it goes. Both Roeser and Caparon passed on during the last year and will be missed, along with Brook Bennett the man thought to have brought all of these folks together originally.
      This weekend we'll share with one of ours who has been the life and one one of the spark plugs for these weekends for many years.
   Bob Ward learned recently that he has cancer. He's had the course of treatments and is now undergoing chemo therapy. It's taking a toll on an energetic person who doesn't have the strength to do much these days.
   Son Rob will drive him to his cabin where our camp hangs out. Bobby will be there with us in spirit as well as in person.
   It just might be that this year I won't enjoy fishing after him on the river, trying to imitate his method of fishing streamers.
   If you believe in prayer, please say one for Bob. He would thank you if he could. I'll do it for him here and now.

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