Friday, April 8, 2011

No-Mo tourney could mean no experience required

   If you like to fish but don't have one of the high-priced boats loaded with enough electronics to launch the next space ship, take a look at kayak fishing.
   Here are some good reasons to get into this sport. First, it's not costly. Yaks can run from several hundred to a couple thousand dollars.
   Equipment. You probably already have most of what you'll need. Don't worry about kayak friendly clothing or the latest in style.
   Put your waders and wading boots on and you have the lower half of your body covered and protected. Add a fleece or light jacket under your PFD and you are ready to hit the water.
   For electronics, the simplest of fish finders is about all you should need. In almost every instance you'll be fishing within sight of shore so there isn't a huge need for a GPS unless you want to mark way points for fishing purposes.
   Next, get into the boat and out fishing. That's the best way to get some experience. And like other pursuits, it's a lot better when shared with a friend.
   Now, think about entering the No-Mo kayak kayak fishing tournament set for May 14. Tournament waters include anything in Wayne and Monroe Counties that is open with public access.
   Why a tournament? You don't need to be an expert fisherman to get into one. It's a great way to learn more about a sport that is fun, entertaining, and affordable for lots of people.
   And where else can you meet several like-minded people, have a shot a winning a new kayak, and eat a freshly grilled burger?
   Read my column in Sunday's Oakland Press for more information. In the meantime, check out for tournament deteails. See you on the water!


  1. Roger, Always enjoy your articles. Frankly I was trying to get to Tom Watts, but even after 20 minutes could not access his comment section. Please forward should you so choose. I would appreciate a short comment, article etc on the various "passes" individuals need to access various sites in the state, county etc. I purchased a pass of some sort with my license plate tabs. I know there is a Metro Park pass required. What else? I have my fishing & hunting licenses. It is just confusing and I know the financial mess we are in, but a hopefully concise, brief overveiw of what is required and where would be helpful. Thanks

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