Monday, December 31, 2012

Plenty of snow means lots of skiing.

   There's plenty of opportunity both locally and up north to please the cross country ski crowd. Thanks to all the snow we've received and the cold temperatures that have been with us, it looks like it may be staying around for sometime.
   If you are new to Nordic or cross country skiing take some well worn advice and try before you buy. Locally, at Independence Oaks County Park or Kensington Metropark, ski equipment can be rented.
   At Independence Oaks on Saturdays through mid February, ski lessons will be available. If you head north, take advantage of the many "package deals" offered, especially around the Gaylord area.
   These packages include lodging, usually a couple of meals and all the skiing you can cram in for a couple of days.
   You can get in touch with the various outfitters and resorts offering these programs at Constant, up-to-date weather and ski conditions are also on this site.
   We may as well face the fact that winter is here and will be with us for the net several months. Don't hibernate. Get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer.
   Cross country skiing and ski walking are great activities to help stay in shape, improve your mood and help you enjoy winter even a little bit.

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