Monday, June 21, 2010

Affordable vacations

The move to buy American has found it's way into Michigan. Some have taken the idea and concentrated their efforts to "Buy Michigan."
That includes buying products that are raised or otherwise produced here, by Michigan people and sold in Michigan stores.
Will it change the way the economy looks? Probably not a whole lot. But it is another step in the right direction, and it certainly calls attention to the tremendous downturn many have felt here.
If it helps the economy a little, puts a few more people back to work, and generates a little pride around here, it's all good.
Going along with that thought, this year consider taking your vacation, well, here. Stay home, or stay in the state. Goodness knows we have lots to do and see right here.
And those tourism bucks stay in the state, in many cases going right back to work for us in the form of monies received through taxes on purchased goods.
Roads can be fixed, some jobs generated, and the best part, you can stay near home for a lot less than travelling to some far-off place.
Save that trip for another time. Now is the time to get out and explore Michigan. It's another way to support Michigan in many ways.

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