Friday, June 4, 2010

It's human to make mistakes

I hate to keep this old saw going, but the umpire, Jim Joyce who missed the call that would have given Armando Galaraga a perfect game should be forgiven and allowed to move on.
He's had the guts to apologize to the Tigers, fans, and most importantly, Galaraga. Hos apology, heartfelt, has been accepted by all that matter.
It's the fans that keep this thing alive by bringing it up day by day, hour by hour. Now some have even gotten down to threatening Joyce's family. That's way out of line in anyone's book.
By all accounts, Joyce is a seasoned ump, having been in that position for 23 years. He's respected by Major League Baseball and pro baseball players-once being voted the number two ump in the majors.
He's been selected to officiate at many games at the play off level. That shows trust in him. It's time for fans to move on and accept a mistake was made, a sincere apology was made and accepted, and life goes on.

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