Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rain doesn't necessarily make for a good garden

Mark Brumbaugh, a professional walleye fisherman from Ohio spends his off fishing time in fields around home.
Brumbaugh is also a full time farmer. He's put lots of hours both on a tractor seat and in a walleye boat.
He's familiar with both activities and knows what it takes to win. Fishing and farming god hand in hand.
They both are weather dependent, require some homework and prior knowledge before dropping a line in the water or turning a furrow over in the field.
In both professions, it's pretty much up to Mother Nature. Those who want to be in control would find out in a hurry they have to turn the reins over and go with the flow.
A couple years back, Brumbaugh plowed, planted and went fishing. Somewhere along the way the weather looked down on him causing to lose a years worh of work on the farm.
That's not new to him. Raised on a farm, it's still in his blood despite all the lack of control, and the ups and downs that go along with it.
This year he told me, "I've got all the work done on the farm. Crops are planted, now it's just sit back to see what happens."
With fishing, he has control over some things, but that weather still hangs around in the background ready to shut whatever grand plans he has, down, once more humbling the big guy I affectionately call "Farmer."
Now if my little backyard garden would get going and the fish would bite next time out, I would be one happy camper.

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