Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outside fun!

For many of us this is the time of the year we have been waiting for since putting the garden to bed last fall, storing the flower pots, picking up the lawn furniture and winterizing the boat.
By this time a lot of those things should be out and being used. We have been busy with our small garden and flowers at home. Seeds we seemed to have just planted are already sending up little shoots.
The lawn chairs have been out and used. We like to build a small campfire at night and sit around hardly talking.
A campfire is a lot like a river. Both evoke certain calming emotions in each of us and require no verbal communication between those nearby.
With two shows under my belt and one fishing tournament, you would think I had some time on the Hobie Outback with peddle drive.
Twice I had it on the water, the wind was very strong making it a chore to stay on course, peddle, and fish. That would have been true with any "yak."
At shows, people are interested in Hobie's unique Mirage drive that usually makes propelling them easy.
Hopefully, sooner than later I'll get a chance to get it wet again and dangle a line. Get outdoors while we have decent weather but be sure to have the mosquito dope on. That and long sleeves and trousers will save you from the bites.

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