Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Where have all our manners gone?

Just like the folk song, "Where have all the flowers gone," the same could be asked about our manners and what has happened to them.
Common courtesies like please, thank you or excuse me seem to have gotten out the door we were holding open for a stranger, and not to be thanked for our efforts.
This Thursday's column talks about being courteous on our rivers and streams when fishing. Local fly fishing guide Kip Lowrie is a huge believer in ethics, conservation and consideration of others, especially when fishing, as I found out during a spring outing with him.
n "I would rather we concentrate on what to do and not do on a stream," Lowrie said as I began asking him all the usual questions about kinds of flies to use, how to tie them on and present them, and when fishing would be at it's best.
Take look at the story. Maybe there are some things in it that will remind you to walk a little more quietly and be considerate of those on the river.

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