Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Help-Oil spill assistance desparately needed!

During one of his addresses, the President said he wasn't an expert when it came to cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf. He suggested he was putting together a team of people that were experts in the field.
That's the way to proceed. Find someone you can count on that is knowledgeable in that area, put them in charge, then stand back and let them run with it.
Forget placing blame, what political appointee or administration did or didn't do what. Instead, fix the problem.
Recently, the people that discovered the wreck of the Titanic were featured on 60 Minutes. Why not contact them for their help? They have a good-size ship equipped with remote underwater vehicles that can go down, look at the problem, light it up with powerful underwater lighting, and in some cases, operate arms remotely to do some work at those depths.
Someone said there had been a significant oil spill near Saudi Arabia and that it was cleaned up quickly by using oil tankers who reversed their pumps, sucking in all the oil and preventing a potential problem.
It seems we hear of all sorts of people with ideas, technology, and the willingness to pitch in to help.
Someone give them a call.

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