Friday, June 18, 2010

Oil Spill, not the only form of pollution

Without minimizing the gulf oil spill, which seems to be not going anywhere fast in terms of stopping the leak or clean up, there are other forms to think about.
The pollution-some may not think of it that way-that we breed every time we thrown something out the window or into the lake or river we're on that moment is a constant source of irritation to those that don't use public areas as their own private trash can.
Besides, in the end it's costly to clean all of this up. Remember the saying that "we all live downstream." That means that sooner or later we're all affected, yes by oil spills, but other forms of pollution like littering.
Several years ago I wrote about my youngest son, Mark who was with me on a trip to Grayling and the AuSable River.
We stopped at a canoe ramp to look around. Just as I stopped the truck, Mark jumped out began picking up trash lying all about. The partially used trash receptacle sat there in the middle of bottles, cans, paper cups, fishing line, fast-food boxes and all the rest we so often see.
Put trash in it's place. Whether that is in the pocket of your fishing vest, a bag like an onion sack you carry along for that purpose, or whatever you use, carry it out with you.
We often learn by observing the actions of others. Wouldn't you feel great if someone were to tell you they saw you picking trash up, thought about it, and realized they had been littering but your action has made them stop and think.
From now on they'll clean up after themselves-and just maybe-others too.

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